Monday, January 5, 2009

Picture time!!

So this is the story of the day!! Finally after 14 months of wishing for hair I decided that hair was not coming so with a gift certificate from Adam's family Tori and I went and purchased 5 bows and a headband.... And I am ECSTATIC so finally see my little girl with a bow of her head!!!! I had to capture that moment for sure!! She looks so girly and sweet!!! :)

Eating her PB&J man
Chopping up the christmas tree
Standing over the air vent

Telling Papa she loves him!
Her prissy face
The Day she learned to say Cheese!

Rocking in her cradle.... She's a little too big
Sweet cradle made by Papa, and blanket made by great grandmommy
Bubble bath!!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

One more thing!!

Adam has a hernia and is getting surgery on Thursday! It's outpatient but he will be out of work for a while and it's always scary to have any kind of surgery, so just keep him in your prayers!!! Thanks so much! I know he appreciates it

My baby just keeps growing up!

Sorry for the lack of pictures today! I'm on a computer that doesn't have any new pictures on it so I promise I will post a nwe post of just pictures sometime soon after this one. Just wanted to let everyone know that we have a wonderful christmas and new years! Tori was sick the whole time we were in NC so it was a hard trip, but fun never-the-less. She was so cute playing with all her new toys and everyone else's for that matter! She slept through the Christmas Eve Candlelight serivce which was such an answer to prayer! I was so afraid that since she was sick she wasn't going to even let me sit down! So the day after christmas I took her to the doctor in NC, who has taken care of me many a time while down there(Even gave me stitches twice!!), and he was wonderful. She had an ear infection so a round of antibiotics later and she is back to her cute normal self!! New Years was fun, but I kept falling asleep haha. I took nighttime medicine around 10, not smart if ya wanna stay up till 12!! But I made it just in time to get my kiss and go to bed!! I finished up Tori's baby book Saturday... So bittersweet!!!! I put a lot of pictures in and wrote as many things I could think of until I ran out of room, then I went back and read everything from day one... Just made me realize how much I want another one!!! Maybe in about 6 or 7 months we'll start thinking about it :)

So for those of you who don't know here's an update on what ms. Tori is doing with herself these days. WOW is she busy!! She is so cute playing with her toys and her baby dolls especially!! Her Papa made her a cradle for hr baby dolls for christmas and she loves to put her baby in it and sing "La-la, La-la" while she rocks it. She says please in sign language which is rubbing your belly in a circular motion, which for her has become a cute way to get anything she wants. She just rubs her belly any time she wants food or a toy or something she can't have and I melt!!! It's so cute. This vacation was really good for Adam too he got to really bond with her in a way that his job hasn't let him in the past. She runs around the house looking for him screaming "DADA" until he answers. She's very verbal for her age. I'm so impressed with some of the words she says and the things she does! She understands so much more than I give her credit for!!! A couple weeks ago I put this cute little orange t-shirt my dad brought her from Washington and it has a monkey on it. As soon as I put it on her she pointed to the monkey and said "Ah-ah-ah!!" now I know i've told her what th monkey says but she had never said it before!! I'm just so amazed by her everyday. Yesterday she had a dress on and she stood over the vent to make her dress blow up... That was a cute little photo-op. Her favorite thing is her bath and she will just please, please, please to get in it! Then once the water gets running she tries so hard to get that leg up and over before I even have her clothes off. Many of these things I have pictures of and I will get them up soon!!! We miss everyone in NC and OH and I hopre everyone's holiday was as wonderful as ours!!!!