Friday, January 15, 2010

Family shot over christmas!
Her sneaky face!!!

Ok so now that our wireless is officially hooked up I am going to try to update my blog and be a super blogger :) idk how this will go but I am going to do my best!!!

Starting with my cute 2 year old.... I cannot believe how verbal she is!!! The good thing is she can tell me exactly what she wants or needs the bad thing is she can tell me exactly what she wants or needs haha. She is so spunky or "spirited." I'm told I was the same at her age so everyone pray that she will be a little more well-behaved than I was cause I gave my parents a few too many sleepless nights with my "spiritedness." She is definately challenging my parenting abilities but at the end of each exhausting day that little girl is such a wonderful blessing!!! Her sweet side is ever present and she becomes more snuggly every day. The other night she brought me her little Devotional book we read from every night and gave us a good laugh. She hugged me and said "Mommy read me my debotiabal!!" I'm finally realizing the meaning of  "Kids say the darndest things" 

Another thing! Just yesterday I found out that I am going on a 5 day trip to Lake Tahoe, California with my husband without Tori to see his brother in 3 weeks!! My mother-in-law surprised me with an airline ticket and I could've fainted!! Can't tell you how awesome it is to be married to the son of a travel agent!! :) haha.  I've never been to California before much less been away from Tori for that long... I'm nervous but very excited!! It's going to be a much needed break from the world... Thanks Anita!! Anyways there's my first update!!