Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Did I mention...

We have hair!!! And we love it :)

Friday, September 24, 2010

My mind drives me crazy

For those of you that do not know I have ADD, not the bouncing in my chair, can't sit still kind of ADD, but the can't focus, can't remember, can't do more than one thing at a time, daydream all day long kind of ADD. My brain will not slow down tonight. I'm laying in bed trying to sleep, can't sleep decide to call someone and chat for a minute, no one answers cause it's 10:30 at night, then I lay back down and this is how my mind goes:

I have got to get my coupons together so I can go to the grocery store

I need dog food TOMORROW

Did I feed the cats?

I need a haircut

I wonder what time Westin will be here in the morning?

Dang didn't brush my teeth... I don't want to get up...


I didn't take Mya to get her heartworm shot I have got to remember to do that tomorrow...Heartworm shot for Mya.... Heartworm shot for Mya

I am going to jerk these covers off of my husband if he does stop moving

Where is my favorite pillow... gasp he has it under his head... pull it out (sweetly) That's better

God I could really use some patience tomorrow, and maybe a little guidance for my disobediant 2 year old.... Sorry I started that prayer wrong, Thank you for today!! Even if my baby is driving me crazy, it was really sweet and adorable when she sang "A dream is a wish your heart makes" even if it was off tune. It really was a good day.

I hope it doesn't rain tomorrow

I want to have a picnic with Tori and Westin out back

I hope it doesn't get too cold to go camping one more time

I love camping

I want a new flashlight

Did I get Sam inside??

Wet clothes in the washer... I'll just rewash them tomorrow

O man sorry God I was praying, I didn't mean to get off track... (did my best to focus and prayed some specific prayer request I won't share)... thank you for such wonderful friends, and my precious family I love you Jesus! Night

Gotta set my alarm...It's 11:10!?... I've been laying here thinking for almost an hour...

I just went to the bathroom there is no way I have to go again...

ugh... might as well brush my teeth...change the clothes to the dryer... check my facebook...let Sam in... there was something else... o what was it...O yea! Feed the cats...

and then write a crazy random blog about how my mind is driving me crazy!!!!! I have got to get this under control. You would think by now I would be used to it, but really the older I get it seems to get worse... Maybe this rant will help me be tired... here's hopin!

Not a Fan

Around here we are not fans of Halloween. I honestly HATE it. I hate covering my baby's eyes in every store. I hate worrying about what she might see and the nightmares that could follow. Why our culture would devote a day to scaring children is beyond me and absolutely no fun in my opinion... That being said I still LOVE fall, and I love that Tori still gets to dress up to go to a Fall Festival and then again for her birthday since it is so close!! I am planning on making her costume, but I haven't put much thought into it yet... I should probably do that soon! lol I have been seeing pumpkins outside of all the stores and I got all excited at the thought of going to the pumpkin patch soon!! And then I thought hmm... how could I decorate a pumpkin that would be fun and different?? So I googled a bit and found this cute picture!! I am going to see what I can do with this example and create a few of my own fun pumpkins! Stay Tuned for pictures of mine!!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

My Hobby...

Some people knit, some people read a good book, some people fish, some people widdle, some people build things, but me... I take pictures! It IS my hobby. Pictures tell a story for me, they remind me of that moment. I enjoy it and I do it because I absolutely love to do it!! It may be a picture of the Buffalo River, or my sweet little girl, or my husband, or a sweet moment, or my animals, or my best friends kid, or a hippo at the zoo, or the way the blocks all over the floor look... whatever it may be, I look for those opportunities and I try to catch them... Maybe one day I will purchase an awesome camera and photoshop and really do it up big... but for now my little Nikon photoshoot digital camera and the built in editor of my iphoto does the trick... I am going to TRY to make a day each week that I post 3 pictures that I have taken, old or new. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do!!!

Just a taste... These are all from the past month... more to come!! Hope ya like them :)

Thursday, September 2, 2010


The newest member of our family, Bella!! This pretty kitty wandered in to our carport one night in July to get out of a downpour and never left!! She was extremely malnourished and so sad looking, but she was sweet and loving from the moment she walked up. I gave the best effort I could to get her a good home, and not get attached, but after 2 weeks of trying, and no luck at all, I didn't have the heart to drop her off at a shelter and not know what happened to her. So, after a check-up 2 weeks ago from the vet, we got the ok to bring her inside and introduce her to Sam and Mya. She fits in perfectly with all of us!! She's still getting used to Mya, but she loves Adam, Tori, me, and Sam!! So happy that my Sam has a playmate, and that Adam finally has a cat that likes him! haha. She is such a sweet, playful, pretty little thing!! Thanks for adopting us Bella!!

She is always playing!
Best friends...
I'll clean your ears if you'll clean mine!