Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Tori and I are ready to be outside ALL the time!! No more cold weather!!!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Third to go...

Wow, that was fast!! As soon as I was done with the last post, the guy who was coming for Kila called and said he was 10 minutes away. I cannot believe what great homes these little guys are getting!! God is good to my tender heart, even when it's "just a dog." This guy served in the military for 8 years(I think) and has now decided to go back to school. He lives in Smyrna and goes to MTSU. He was ecstatic to get this puppy(As you can tell by his face, he couldn't stop smiling!) This guy seemed very well balanced with a good job and a happy home. He has one other male dog, and thought a little female would make his home perfect. All he did, the whole time he was here, was grin, ear to ear, and pet and kiss that puppy(And Mya and the cat haha). It made me so happy to see how excited he was!! He reassured me at least 4 times, that she would be loved and well taken care of, and I believe him 100%. He just got a fence put up around his 1 acre backyard, and can't wait to let her run!

 The last 2 pups look rather lonely, but their owners will be picking them up at the end of the week. Can't believe the experiance is almost over.... I'm feeling a tad bit repetitive but the only word I have for all of this is bittersweet!! 

Kila I hope you always make this sweet guy smile like that!

Second to go...

The second pup left this afternoon. Our little people lover, Luna, is going to a sweet family from Medina. The dad is an Army recruiter here in Jackson, and they all seemed excited to have the new addition to their family! They had the cutest little boy right around Tori's age, so I know that pretty Luna is going to have a best friend for life!! They said they have a big back yard for her to play in, and I can tell she is going to get lots of love and care. God is providing the most perfect homes for these little guys, and it just does my heart good to see them go to such sweet people!! We'll miss you Luna!!

Just heard from the family and her new name is Paddy. It fits her so well!!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

The first to go...

Today, some sweet people from Alabama came to pick up Atlas to take home!! He is going to live on a farm with his new owner, who is a 14 year old boy who races dirt bikes!! They have a ton of land with a track in their back yard!! He is going to have a wonderful life! I can just see him now, chasing after his best friend on a dirt bike :) It is so very bittersweet, but after meeting this family, Adam and I both feel happy and content about where he is going! 1 down 4 to go!!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Spring is in the air...

Playdate with friends

Tori in our backyard today... It's warming up!!! And we cannot wait to be outside ALL the time!!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Moving on...

Me and Attica, sweet smooshy face
The puppies are leaving!!!!! March the 20th is the date that I will no longer have any puppies in my house! I am having mixed feelings... I am very thankful for no more loud noise, poop, or mopping twice a day. At the same time no more puppy breath, belly scratches, or "puppy time" as Tori calls it. They are so much work, and I am so done, but I'm going to miss the little guys. It's been "real", and it's been "fun", but it hasn't been "real fun" I hope they all make their new owners very happy!! I've worked hard on these babies!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I'm pretty handy but...

I CAN'T FIX THIS!! I put cooked broccoli down the garbage disposal on Sat. night and now my sink refuses to drain. I took the whole sink apart, found the clog, and tried EVERYTHING!! I tried draino, baking soda+ vinegar, and using a hanger to poke through and got alot of it out, but in the end looks like my daddy is going to have to come work his magic tomorrow.... In the meantime, My bathroom has become my kitchen and paper products only!! It never ends!!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

My Birthday!!

I had such a wonderful birthday, that I just have to share!! The morning began with cinnamon rolls in bed for breakfast, and the sweetest birthday song ever from my sweet Tori.  My husband got me a beautiful picture frame with all the professional pics taken back in May to put on our wall.

After Adam left for work, Tori and I headed over to a friend's house where we spent the morning hanging out, having coffee, pizza, and cupcakes!! My mother-in-law had a cake, and balloons waiting for me at her house, and a brand new coolpix camera!!! And then, as if that wasn't enough!!, my Mom and my siblings came with angel food cake and strawberrys (my favorite), and some sweet gifts from them. Then!!, Adam took me to Outback, where we had an awesome time, and then to the Baymont Inn and Suites for a night away! :) He had decorated the entire room with rose petals and 2 dozen roses were in a vase, with Champagne in the fridge. I was so pleasantly surprised, that he would do such a sweet thing for me!! Thanks baby!!! The next morning Nana brought Tori up to swim in the indoor pool at the hotel which was a blast! It was a perfect birthday!! Thank you everyone, and thank-you especially to my sweet Adam!!!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Puppies for sale!!

I have 2 female puppies that need homes! If you want one or know of anyone who might want one please let me know!! They all need to be out of my house and on to their new owners between March 20th, and April 1st!! They are very sweet, good natured pups!! They are all very close to potty trained(and will be once they have a human all to themselves to help them be more consistent), and trained to sleep in a crate at night! They are eating puppy food and almost fully weaned off Mama. They will be ready to leave here on March 20th!!