Sunday, May 30, 2010

28 lbs lost...

Trying to lose weight.... I would really like to lose 30 more pounds so I'd be back to pre-pregnancy weight, but I am happy with the 28 pounds I have lost since Oct. 09... I worked out hard for a good month and 1/2 and then I just started eating better. I need to get working out again and the weight will just drop off... this is April of last year, compared to May of this year... I feel a little more confident these days!! 30 pounds isn't that much!! I can do it!!!!
April 2009, Easter Egg Hunt

May 2010, swimming playdate...

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Potty Training.... It's time to buckle downO

Tori is still refusing to go # 2 in the potty. I have decided it is time to really take action. I am going to Toys-R-Us to purchase her new favorite Backyardigan movie, The Robot Repairman. Then I am going to sit it up on top of the refrigerator, where she can see it, until she has 5 days with no accidents.(Happy faces on her chart) Once she gets 5 happy faces she will get her new movie.
We are sitting on the potty for 10 minutes, 3 x's a day, until we have success...
She's no very happy with me, but we are trying to make this a fun experiance... 
She has to sit until the timer "dings!"
This was our first try with the timer... I sure hope this works!!

We finally have....

This baby girl was bald for almost 2 years 
and I am proud to say, 
we finally have some hair!! 
I just have to show it off!!!

Tori at 6 weeks... bald

Tori at 18 months... bald

Today... Wow look at all our hair!!!!

Friday, May 28, 2010

Swimming with some friends

Sweet little girls

See-Saw time

The Stewart girls!! What a great picture!

All the Mamas: Emily, Me, Shannon(Addie), Carly, Jen(Stella)

The it :)

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Hanging out with some of my favorite people in the world...

So this week I am staying with my brothers and sisters at my parents house, while they are in Jamaica! We are already having a blast! They love to play with Tori and I am getting spoiled rotten with all these extra hands!! Looking forward to a week of swimming every day, and just enjoying the beginning of their summer break with them!!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

"Mommy my nose is hurtin"

This is all I heard all morning. Tori's nose was bugging her for sure. She kept picking and picking. I tried to help her blow her nose, I tried to look in her nose to see if anything was there, I saw nothing!! Finally I just said "Baby, I'm sorry your nose hurts just keep trying to blow it when you need to" Adam got home around noon, and she was still whining. Right after lunch, she blew her nose hard one good time and out popped a popcorn kernel... wow lol we had to laugh, and Tori was just so relieved that it was out that she just laughed with us... We then had along talk about how we do not stick things in our nose or our ears because it could hurt us! haha... All in a days work!!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

1 step forward 2 steps back...

So Tori has been doing great potty training... Until about 4 days ago... She has decided she is not going to go # 2 in the potty... Now what!?!?!? She goes into a corner and hides to do her business in her panties.... Mommy is frustrated, but we are going to get this!! Just a few backwards steps...

Friday, May 14, 2010

Photo shoot with Mommy

So we had borrowed a studio set-up for my dad's big surprise party and Lindsay and I set it up at my house to test it out. After Lindsay left, Tori and I had some fun... Got some very sweet pictures and had fun playing!!

Potty Training update

Potty training has been going so well I almost forgot to write about it!! Tori is wearing big girl pants almost all the time, and though we still have some accidents, she is staying dry 80% of the time!!!! I am so proud of her!! We have even made quite a few outings in big girl pants and have not had an accident out of the house yet!! It's only at home when she gets to playing and forgets until almost too late... But she usually makes it with only a little accident. She is so independent, and we no longer have to give rewards, it's becoming a way of life!! Still in diapers at night, but that's to be expected, we are working on staying dry at naptime first, then we will work on all night :) My baby is OFFICIALLY a big girl!! So bittersweet! :(

Monday, May 10, 2010

Dress up with Say-Say

Lindsay will be leaving Friday to tour in Japan. We are doing our best to enjoy our last week with her, before another long time away. I got some sweet pictures of her playing with Tori tonight! Hope you enjoy!

Tori and her Daddy...

Adam and I took Tori to the park, and I captured these precious shots of this wonderful father/daughter love. It really makes my heart happy to watch what a wonderful father Adam is to our sweet baby girl...

Pest Problem- eliminated

So the other night Adam and I had some friends over, and the boys decided it was time to kill the carpenter bees. wasp and hornet killer, a little fire, and some boys having fun acting like 15 year olds for a good 20 minutes...Sorry to my neighbors who were possibly woken up at 10 pm by axes, hammers, laughter, and us girls screaming every time a bee buzzed it's way out of the shelf.... We made a memory, tore the shelf to shreds, and killed all the bees! Success!!
When it was all said and done...
This is what the inside of the tunnels looked like... each compartment was filled with some sort of "bee's wax"(haha) and I'm assuming the eggs were also inside
The pile of wood

So if anyone wants to know how to kill carpenter bees, maybe you shouldn't ask us haha... This shelf was an un-important storage area in our garage that needed to be cleaned up anyways and came with the house when we moved in, so we just demolished it, and the bees with it.

And another thing, if you are going to stand and watch, please control yourself. Keep the squeels to a minimum, and don't hit yourself in the face with a mag-light like I did. I'm usually pretty fearless, but bees give me the willies!! I was holding a large mag-light for Adam so he could see, and some little fly or gnat got in my face, I screamed and nailed myself in the cheek with the mag-light.... ouch! No bruise thankfully haha... all I'm saying is if you can't take the heat get out of the kitchen... I had to let someone else take over the flashlight responsibility, I obviously can't take the heat.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

First swim of the year!

We had a blast swimming with the Kennedy girls today! We swam, colored with chalk, blew bubbles, played with blocks, had lunch, swam some more, and even got a little tan!! Thanks girls for a fun day!!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Playdate at Muse Park

Had so much fun today with a bunch of the Mommy's from Moms and More!! And came home with a boo-boo and the dirtiest feet ever!! What did you expect from a 2 year old??