Monday, November 17, 2008

Some days need recording

So for a couple of days now Adam has had a semi-bad toothache and then last night it was like a bomb exploded in his mouth. His mouth hurt so bad you wold have thought he was dying! So Anita and I call every dentist in the phonebook along with both ERs in Jackson trying to find anyone that will just give him some relief. NOT ONE dentist in Jackson, has an emergency service that takes anyone other than their own patients so we were out of luck there and what'd'ya'know this weekend there is no on-call dentist at the ER... So we go ILLEGALLY get prescription drugs from my mother from her root canal which he promptly takes and throws up about 10 minutes later.... sorry for the gruesome details... THEN he takes 3 ibueprofen and we talk to a pharmascist who tells us get some extra strength toothache medicine and a hot, wet compress on it... He uses about 30 q-tips dipped in medicine then settles down on the couch with a hot compress.... Finally he starts feeling better the poor thing and can eat something, once he eats a small slice of cold pizza he goes to bed with the hot compress on his mouth.... Tooth pains are the WORST!!! I think if he had anything to compare to labor pain this would be his example... All this to say he went to the dentist today and he has to have a tooth pulled and 2 fillings, plus the put him on antibiotic for the INFECTION in his gums... Which is why he was in so much pain he thought he was dying last night... :( POOR ADAM!!! 

On top of all of this our dog has an infected toe-nail and I am attempting to drop another feeding with Tori.... Our wallets aren't doing to well either ha... We need prayer this week!!! Wooo... it's about time for a vacation....
Ohio family: See you guys in a week!!! 
Carolina family: See you in a month!!! 


Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Tori's birthday

All of the babies and mommys



Carlee Hayes


Me,Tori, Molly, and Jen Howell
Molly was adopted from Korea about 2 weeks ago!!! She's adjusting so well and we love her already!!! It was so sweet to watch them play together for the first time!!

Duck Theme :)

The pink cake


It was soooo fun!! I don't have time to comment on all the pictures but I will let you know who the people are if you dont already know. The party couldn't have been better. She had a great time and she had a lot of friends come over!! There is one picture of her laying on the floor with my sister Maggie, she kept leaving the room all night trying to go put her hands in the cat's drinking water... so I went to catch her thinking she was about to try yet again and I found her laying on the floor next to Maggie jsut kicking her legs. It was just so cute!! She loves the happy birthday song. Everytime we sang it she knew that all eyes were on her and she ate it up!! Her birthday was such a success and I loved every minute of it! Thanks everyone for coming to the party and all the sweet gifts!!!!!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

So my baby turned one yesterday... Wow what a day!!! She has so many toys I don't know where to put them all, not to mention Christmas is right around the corner.... She had such a good time though!! I had a few tears the night before, I cannot believe she is one!! I relived the whole day I kept telling Adam well it's 8:00 am this time last year I was getting an epidural!! Haha I don't have much to say, because I have so many pictures!! So here is our day in order:

At my house we always got breakfast in bed so of course Tori had to get the same. She enjoyed her first orange sweet roll quite a lot. Then we opened a few presents...
Her little people farm: She is soooo ccute when she moos!!!
Then Adam and I took her to Muse park to feed the ducks... We had sooo much fun!!! Later on this week I will try to get the video of her sliding up here! She was so precious!! She just kept pointing and saying "Duck, duck, duck!!"

Adam did look too happy about this picture haha

5 bites for me 1 for the ducks.....

Daddy that one is getting a little bit too close!!

My pretty little one year old

There were 2 big geese mixed in there too

She got excited

They came really close to us
So then we had a party at our house for the family and everyone came over and brought gifts... First we opened presents which is such an ordeal for a one year old.... Here's just 2 pictures from that....

Nana making sure I don't fall off the box... She climbed up there all by herself haha

So on to the cake! It was so cute to watch her eat that blue and yellow cake!!!

We were all singing Happy Birthday to her. She thought it was pretty funny
Woah mom this is cool!!
Silly blue face
Clapping for herself

A picture of my masterpeice: her #1 duck cake

Our Family

I had to add this one... This was this morning she sat under the table with her baby doll.
So all in all it was an eventful, wonderful, and exhausting day!! I forgot to pick up the balloons and my camera died twice, but all in all it was perfect. She is such a precious blessing!!!! I cannot believe it has been a year! I will post again next week after her party Saturday!!! 

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Our first blog!!

Hey! We're new to blogspot!! We're the Battershell's. We are so excited to share our life with our family both in Ohio and North Carolina! We love and miss you guys!! Hope you enjoy reading about our lives!!

My silly girl!!

 So the other day I was loading the dishwasher and Tori was playing in the living room. After I started the washer I stood up to go find her and she was nowhere to be found, not to mention the house was quiet(which is never good). So the first place I checked was the bathroom. There she was on the floor surrounded by toilet paper... It made for a very cute picture.... I couldn't help but laugh!

Adam and I went to a fall party at the Youngs last night! We had so much fun and we were so excited that we got to dress Tori up like a ballerina!! Thanks for inviting us guys!! It was great!!

I am sick.... I couldn't help withthe kids at sharefest this morning which made me sooo sad!! But better to stay home that to get everyone's kids sick!! I probably helped more staying home! Haha. I hear it went well! Next year count me in!

To the Howells: We love you and cannot wait to meet Molly!!! Hope all is well!!!

Tori will be one next week! Pray for me!! My baby is growing up and I am an emotional basketcase!!!! :(