Monday, July 26, 2010

Baby Fever...

These days Adam and I are both having these sudden moments of 
"OMYGOODNESS I want another baby!!" haha. 
We have been praying about it alot, and just don't feel that it's God's will for us to have another quite yet. I wish the signs could be a little clearer haha. 
I am just itching for another one, 
but another baby means things will be changing quite a bit in our lives; money, me, 1 child to 2, etc. I feel like we are finally settling into our little family of 3, and I can't figure out if that's good or bad. I don't want to get to comfortable here 
and be totally knocked over by having 2 to take care of haha. 
I'm sure you 4 children families are laughing at me now!! 
All this to say, would you pray for us?? 
Pray that we will trust in God's perfect timing, 
and just be content where we are!! 
Until then 3 we shall be!!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Family Pictures...

We had some pictures taken this week for Adam's family while his brother is in town. Just thought I would share a few with you!! As you can see there is a new picture of Adam, Tori, and I at the top of my profile. That is our family shot! Here's a few of my favorites:

Me, Tori, Adam, and his brother Brandon

Brandon, Adam, and their Dad

Necy and her Grandbabies

My little cutie

2 of the whole family shots

These were taken by Ashley Mott and edited by me... Aren't they awesome!! She did a great job :)

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

We had a visitor...

This spider built this web overnight in our carport. What an amazing thing that a  spider could build such a beautiful web in just 8 hours or less, and do this over and over.... God thought of some pretty cool stuff when he was creating the world... I hate it for the spider that it had to be in our carport, because I shot this picture, then we tore down his masterpiece and sent him elsewhere... still pretty cool huh??

Sunday, July 11, 2010


Our imagination library book came in this week and I cannot wait to read it to Tori!! It's called 

We already have this one...

And it is one of my girl's absolute favorites!! I know this book by heart, and my favorite part thing about them is how true they actually are... Tori has plenty of llama drama just like this little llama, and these books are both such good tools for teaching patience. Here's some of my favorite parts.....
This is in "Llama llama red pajama," After Mama llama tucks the baby in for the night, he decides he feels lonely and wants a drink so he calls his mama.  Then baby llama throws a huge temper tantrum after his mama doesn't bring him a drink of water fast enough. Sound familiar to anyone?? Tori is the queen of procrastinating bedtime... Anyways this is Mama Llama's response to the tantrum....

"Baby llama what a tizzy
sometimes mama very busy
please stop all this llama drama
and be patient for your mama

Little llama don't you know?
Mama llama loves you so!
Mama llama's always near
Even when she's not right here

Llama llama red pajama
gets 2 kisses from his mama
snuggles pillow soft and deep
baby llama goes to sleep"

Man do I wish I had that kind of patience!! Thanks for the lesson Llama Mama!! Now here's the lesson in the other book. After baby llama throws a fit in the grocery store because he's ready to go home this is mama's response....

"Please stop fussing, little llama
No more of this llama drama.
I think shopping's boring too
but at least I'm here with you

Let's see if we can make this fun
and get the llama shopping done.
Let's be a team at Shop-O-Rama
Llama llama shops with Mama!"

Then they finish their shopping and go get ice cream... Again way to go Llama Mama! 
All this to say, Tori and I are loving llama llama books!! Thanks to The Imagination Library
and to Anna Dewdney for these awesome books!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Tiny Dancer...

Tori LOVES to dance... 
She's just enjoying the innocence of childhood,
whether on the beach, or in the front yard, or the living room
she is just dancing her way through life...  
This is the true definition of "Dance like no one is watching" 
The only difference is, I get to watch her!!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Roughing it.... Tennessee style

The 4th of July weekend was definitely a weekend to remember. Adam and I decided to canoe the Buffalo River and camp out over night on the side of the river. We went with Adam's brother Brandon, and some friends of ours Tyler, Paige, BJ, and Ray. We got in our canoes packed with tents, food, and a few essentials and floated down the river. We spent most of Saturday on the water, and when it was time to set up camp we found the perfect campsite. We set up our tents, made a fire, and cooked some awesome food, then we sat by the fire, shot a few fireworks, and watched the stars. The ground was a little hard, but we slept good enough and woke up the next morning to sunshine and the sound of the water. We cooked the rest of our food, and packed everything up and headed the last 5 miles home. We had so much fun!! This just proved to me that even though I'm a Mama, and wife now I can still rough it from time to time!! I can't wait to go again :)

Friday, July 2, 2010

"Sack of Potatoes"

Tori said "Yook mommy I a sack o tatoes!!" 
Haha Daddy was carrying her off to bed...

She loves her Daddy!!