Thursday, December 30, 2010

I have realized...

Throughout these 2 years that I have been blogging I have realized that I love to write, but I prefer to write more serious, thoughtful things than "Hey guess what we did today!" It's funny because the pictures and what we did today is alot easier, but I feel that if people are going to read my blog, they want to read something worth reading. I also have realized that I second-guess every post I write. I have seriously at least 20 posts started, but never finished, or didn't make the cut once I was ready to post it. I laugh at myself for being so silly... Honestly I don't even know who is reading this anyways, so why do I care?? Lol, that being said, I am going to try my hardest to post a blog more often with content that will, hopefully, be worth your while!  :)

Friday, December 10, 2010

Happy Birthday Big Girl!!


Where has the time gone? It feels like just yesterday I was holding a tiny newborn in my arms. You have grown from a tiny, helpless, adorable newborn baby, to an independant, spirited, and beautiful 3 year old. You are such a joy to me. Though you are often a challenge, I still love every minute I spend with you. A year ago I would have written all the new words you were saying, or all the milestones you had hit, but this year I have watched your little personality begin to form. This past year has been a year of discovery and wonder as you find out who you are, and how things work.  You have stopped asking "what" questions and started asking "why."

You are an encourager. You tell the people around you what is good about them. You say "good job" and you say things in a way that builds others up.

You have such an amazing imagination. You play make-believe, and dress-up more than anything else.

You love to dance and sing, but you are a little shy to perform for anyone but Mommy and Daddy.

You have finally started to pose for the camera, but only when you want to.

You make conscious decisions between right and wrong, and accept the consequences of your actions.

You are learning to ride your tricycle

You can officially draw a smiley face

You hate it when Mommy or Daddy is sad, and always know how to make us smile

You love your animals: Mya, Sam, and Bella

Your favorite bedtime song is "All the Pretty Little Horses" AKA Hush-a-bye-bye

You love to read books with Mommy

You are almost fully potty trained (minus nighttime which will come with time)

You have pretty good rhythm for a 3 year old, and you love to dance!!

You're cute and you know it!! "I'm a cutie"

We love you big girl!! Happy Birthday!!

Since I'm behind on blogging...

here are some pictures from the last month, 
in no particular order,
until I can get a real post up!

Birthday Party, Cinderella and Prince Charming


Sweet Friends

Her new rocking horse, Thunder

Tori and Taylor in Tori's new big girl bed!!

Tori and Taylor at McDonalds

Tori riding her new Tricycle!

Birthday morning with her princess dolls

Her favorite present! A dollhouse

Haha love it

Crazy hair after nap one day lol