Monday, May 7, 2012

My Precious Treasure

So I wanted this post to update everyone on Tori and how she has grown and how she is doing. But, I am faced with a challenge. 
How do you fit this child into one blog post?? 
Haha... How about we begin with a picture that I think describes her perfectly...

This picture was taken a year ago, but I still love it!! 
This is my fun-loving, adventurous, charismatic, curious, stubborn, wild, walking the line, non-stop talking, sneaky, intuitive, precious treasure of a little girl. 
Tori has stolen my heart 100% with her beautiful soul.
She is a challenge, no doubt about that. I often feel complete disbelief, overwhelmed, exasperated, and just plain angry at her antics, and then in the same moment, I can feel like my heart will burst with inexplicable love for this little person who causes me so much anxiety. I joke around about how I reaped exactly what I sowed, but this is not a joke. God gave me one just like me!! How did she grow up so quick!? 

Wasn't it just yesterday that I brought this tiny little bundle home from the hospital??

Wasn't it just yesterday that she had no hair at all??

Wasn't it just yesterday she was talking baby talk??

Wasn't it just yesterday she was 3??

My baby cannot possibly be 4!?!?

I am in awe of this little one. I am shocked that she has grown up so much already! I am doing my very best to treasure her childhood, because I know all too well how quickly it is gone.  I pray that God will give me wisdom, patience, understanding, grace, patience, joy, faithfulness, creativity, appreciation, and even more patience in parenting this strong-willed treasure He has given to me. I am so thankful for you Tori Grace!! You are a blessing to my life each and every day!!